More information about Charcoal Bamboo




● Anion Generator:Bamboo Charcoal Fiber is called “Air Vitamin ” or “Longlived Element” in the academic world. It can release 2600 anions per cm3. As we know, anions are very helpful for our health, for example, activating our cells of body, purifying our blood, free from tiredness, calming vegetative nervous system, improving allergic constitution, etc. 82% negative ions can be absorbed by our skin, so it is a good option to increase anions for health improvement by using Bamboo Charcoal fiber textiles.


● High ability of adsorption and deodorization:the fiber is filled with honeycombed paths, moreover, these paths run through from inside to outside, which has greatly increased the specific surface. It is useful for adsorbing all kinds of harmful chemical material in air, such as peculiar smell, smoking smell, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc, and to eliminate them.


● Moisture Management:the fiber’s special honeycombed paths and the tiny paths with Bamboo Charcoal itself can rapidly absorb moisture and disperse, so it ensures your body remains dry and the feel is cool. It suits for bedding textiles particularly.


● Far infrared Generator:Bamboo Charcoal fiber with capability of absorption and re-radiated in spectral wavelength of 4~14μm, which is good for the growth of living creature.

Far infrared ray can be absorbed by our body, With thermal effect, it’s able to preserve heat for temperature maintenance, to strengthen the blood circulation at the ends of human body, to promote metabolism and to provide life cultivation and health promotion effect.


● Bacteria and mildew resistant:the tests result from Test Center of Antimicrobial Materials Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang Province Microbial Institute shows that the antimicrobial activity reached AAA grade of F2/T73023-2006 . The mildew resistant of the 100% Carbonized Bamboo fiber knitted fabric (30s/1) in 14 days can have reached Grade I.


● Absorb moisture, quick dry, breathe freely:the fiber’s special honeycombed paths can absorb moisture quickly and disperse to the surface of fabric, so it ensures your skin dry and comfortable.


● Good Anti-pilling and Anti-fuzzing:the fabric made by the fiber can reach 4~4.5 grade.


● Easy dyeing: normal temperature and pressure, ECDP, dyeing temperature on 82℃-100℃, this fiber can be dyed dark color with fresh. The color fastness can be over 4-grade, with good wearing safty.


● Permanent effect: quick dry after water washed, and keep the property forever, no matter how to wash and how many times.



The new fiber is used widely. It can be spun pure yarn, at the same time, it can be spun with cotton, wool, spun silk, linen and other chemical fibers. It can be made for non-woven fabrics, too.


End Use

Pillow cover, quilt cover, bed sheet, mattress cover, filling, medical exposure suit, baby and pregnant woman exposure suit, socks, towel, bedding, top and medium grade fabric for underwear, decorative material for hotel, recreation places, car and ship as well as air filtrating material.


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