Hippybottomus Suisse Cloth Nappy Diaper inserts
Charcoal Bamboo CHF 6, Mixed CHF 6, Stay Dry CHF 4, Night CHF 6 (actually not available)

Absorbant Inserts

Supplementary inserts for the case that one insert does not last any more.

Cloth Nappy Hippybottomus biodegradable nappy liner
Biodegradable nappy liners

Biodegradable nappy liners


High quality tear-resistent cellulose paper liners. Oxygen-bleached, from certified organic forestry.



The cellulose liners are placed in the fabric nappy in addition to the liner, making it easy to lift out the main contents when you change the nappy. The nappy and liners stay clean longer and there is no need to prewash them. Dirty nappy liners can be thrown one at a time into the toilet, composted or disposed of with non-recyclable waste.



Roll of 100 sheets: CHF 8

Cloth Diapers Hippybottomus Baby Wipe

Baby Wipe




Price per unit CHF 2

Cloth Diapers Hippybottomus Breast Pads

Breast Pad



Price for two units CHF 4

Textilwindel Stoffwindeln Hippybottomus Windeltasche gross

Cloth Nappy Bag with zip

Cloth Nappy Bag made of polyester with Waterproof PUL, with zip for closing. Measures 32.5 x 31 cm. Ideal for transporting used Cloth Nappies while travelling.



Unity price CHF 12


Colours available while stocks lasts.