Amber Necklaces

Made of 100 % Natural Baltic Amber (fissilised tree resin). Each necklace is 33-34 cm long and can be used for general pain relief for babies and children. Amber is a natural analgesic with anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. This is due to the succinic acid it contains which is released by the warmth of the skin or the sun into the bloodstream via the skin. Succinic acid is known for its pain relieving properties and can therefore help teething, growing pains and any other pain your baby may have.


Note: Each bead in the necklaces is individually knotted for safety.



A simple test to check if amber is authentic: place your stone in salty water (1 part salt to 2 parts water). Authentic amber will float. 



Article Price
Split Line CHF 17
Baroque Line CHF 25